How to cover under eye circles!!

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Welcome to my first makeup tutorial! Since it is my first, please bare with me and feel free to comment below or on my instagram what helped you, what you liked, what you didn't like, and what I could do in future posts to help you learn better!

For my first tutorial I decided to focus on covering under eye circles.  It's a topic a lot of women struggle with, so I decided to make a step by step pictorial to help!

I provided a photo of all of the products I used for this look.  As I list the steps, I will describe which one I am using.  You don't need to  use the exact products or brands, just make sure you use something similar so that you get the same results. 

Step 1:  Start by "Color correcting" the under-eye area with an orange or salmon based color.  Using this tone of concealer will cancel out the blue-ish under eye area.  Be sure to apply with very thin layers so that you don't use too much product.  This is create a cakey appearance and will be more susceptible to creasing.

I used a MAC 287 brush (thank you @Dressyourface it is my new favorite concealer brush!) and applied Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Peach.  Be sure to only apply it to the areas that need color corrected!

Step 2: Continue to blend in order to provide a smooth and even canvas for the concealer

Step 3: Next, use your regular concealer with the same 287 brush (I used MAC Prolongwear concealer in NW 25) and apply very thin layers to the under eye area.  Apply as many layers as you need to get the effect that you want. I could of used more layers in order to get more coverage, but due to time I stopped at 2. 

Step 4: Blend and smooth with a damp Beauty Blender by pressing and rolling in to the skin

Step 5: Set the under eye area with powder and a dense fluffy brush or sponge.  I used the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and the Inglot 4SS brush.  You can use a number of powders for this like the Ben Nye Banana Powder or the Anastasia Beverly Hills pressed powders

Step 6: Final Look!  Spray with a setting powder in order to fuse the cream and powder together-- For special events, a night out, or if I want a more full coverage look I will  use a few more layers of concealer