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Perfect Your Brows!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I decided to end the week with another pictorial, and focus on eyebrows!  Eyebrows are so important because they frame the face and set the tone for a complete look.  Bold, natural brows are in right now (Hello Cara Delevingne!), so embrace a more natural shape!! 

Be sure not to over-tweeze.  Too much tweezing will stunt your eyebrow growth and in the future it will become very hard for you to grow them back! As a rule of thumb do the majority of your grooming below the brows, and only clean up stray hairs above.  It's important not to change the shape of the beginning of your eyebrows.  It is a common mistake to over-tweeze in this area.  Remember- In order to reshape your brows, you must grow them out!  As annoying as it is to see your brows in a werewolf state (yikes), you have to push through in order to start over!! 

Now on to the tutorial! 

For this tutorial I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in chocolate and a MAC 263 brush.  This brush is made from synthetic hairs so it helps the pomade glide on smoothly.  I wanted to do this tutorial using this pomade, but you could also use this technique with a brow pencil or brow powder!

Going left to right in the pictorial:


Step 1: Before you begin, use a spoolie to brush your brow hairs so they are all going in the same direction

Step 2: Using a small amount of the pomade and the MAC 263 brush, (wipe off any excess product.  I like to work off of the back of my hand) make small strokes and line the lower brow line, and then the upper brow line.  I use this step to "outline" and determine the over all shape that I am trying to achieve.  Use a light hand and as little product as possible.

Step 3: Fill in the front of the brow and sparse areas throughout the brow with feather like flicks of your brush.  Use light strokes and fill in in the direction of the hair growth.  

Step 4: Use a spoolie to brush through the brow to blend and soften the look for a more natural appearance 

Step 5: Clean up the brow shape using concealer and a small synthetic brush.  You can make one fluid movement along the brow line or use small strokes, just be sure not to use too much concealer so that the product doesn't build up.  Tip: use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone in order to highlight that area and create a "lifted" look in the arch

Step 6: Completed brow!

I hope this tutorial helped!  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below or on my instagram post! (@jtyranskyhairandmakeup)

Stay beautiful!

Master Your Winged Eye Liner!

Welcome to my second tutorial!  For this pictorial I decided to focus on winged liner.  I used a gel eyeliner for this look, but you can follow the same steps when using liquid eyeliner. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please ask below our on my instagram post!!  I hope this helps! 

Step 1: Products- The products I used for this look are the Elaina Badro angled liner brush and Inglot gel liner in 77.  This is a great firm liner brush, and the gel liner is my favorite! I use it on myself and my clients!   It's extremely waterproof and glides on smoothly.  I typically scoop out a small amount and put it on the back of my hand and work from there.  This helps the container to not dry out as quickly as well as keeps it sanitary, especially when working with clients.  (You could also use the Maybelline gel eyeliner as a good drugstore alternative!)

Step 2: Dip your brush in the liner from the back of your hand, and draw a small line from the corner of your eye.  This should sort of look like a continuation of your lower lash line. 

Tip: If you're using an angled brush, make sure you are leading with the bigger side of the angle

Step 3: Connect the tip of the wing, and drag the line towards the center of the lid. 

Step 4: Fill in the gap between the first and second line you drew

Step 5: Wipe off the excess product on your brush. Using the tip of the angled brush, gently extend the wing with short strokes by dragging out the tip of the wing you already have drawn (Be sure not to re-dip in to the product.  For this step it is vital that there isn't too much on your brush)

Step 6: Completed look.  If need be, use a small amount of concealer and drag along the bottom of the wing to sharpen and clean

Good luck, and stay beautiful!