Celebrity Eyebrow Inspiration/Learn How to Shape Your Brows

 Eyebrows are becoming the new little back dress, so be sure to keep yours groomed and shaped to suit your face.

In order to determine the best eyebrow shape for your face structure, you only need to follow 3 steps! Get an eyeliner pencil or makeup brush to use as your guideline.

Step 1: Hold your pencil vertically lining it up at edge of your nostril.  Your eyebrow should begin wherever the top of the pencil is sitting.  If your natural brow falls short of this imaginary line, fill in the area with light strokes in order to mimic a real hair.  Any hair that falls outside of the line, tweeze or wax

Step 2: In order to determine where your arch or highest point sits, keep the bottom of the pencil at the edge of your nostril and move the imaginary line so that it goes through your pupil as you're looking forward. This is where you should define your arch

Step 3: Still using the edge of the nostril as a guide, move the imaginary line again so that it goes along the outer corner of the eye.  This is where your eyebrow should end

I hope this helps with shaping your brows. Continue scrolling to the next post to get step-by-step instructions on how to properly fill in your eyebrows!

p.s. Thank you BuzzFeed for putting together on article on some of the best celebrity eyebrows!  If you need some eyebrow inspo, check out the article!  It always helps to get a visual idea of different shapes and face structures to help plan a new brow look!!


Good luck and stay beautiful!